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whether the two arsons are related. mayor davis had tears streaming down his cheeks. >> whatever is necessary to identify the person responsible for this malicious, cowardly act, i'm sure they will do. >> reporter: today he showed a face of resolve. he did say that his law office has been the target of vandalism in the past, specifically rocks thrown through the windows. the mayor clearly believes its some kind of message of intimidation. >> let me make it very, very clear. it has failed. i am nowt not now, nor will i ever be, intimidated by such cowardly acts of conduct. >> reporter: vallejo police are still saying they do not know who caused this. >> i think there could be. until we know for sure, we have to look at it in those terms.
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>> reporter: there's some criticism from some aspects of the community here for supporting the police in some officer-involved shootings recently. but police are not saying whether that might be the motivation for this fire. they're not citing any evidence whatsoever of the so-called domestic terrorism. now that there's been a second arson just down the street, the question comes up, could this just be a firebug that has absolutely no statement whatsoever to make? reporting live in vallejo, joe vazquez, cbs 5. the other big story we're following, the bay area is sweating through a late-season heat wave, with high temperatures come high fire danger. extreme fire danger signs up in in the oakland hills. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with the hottest day we've seen in months, paul. it has been a long time, the hottest day in the year. you made it to the 90's for the first time in 2012 today. relative humidity goes down. then we get that increased fire danger and that's exactly what
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we have right now. look at these highs. santa rosa, 101. gilroy hit triple digits. 99 in san rafael and fremont, 92. how does today rank compared to the rest of the year? no. 1 for heat. warmest day in two years, as a matter of fact. oakland, 92, hottest day of the year. and concord, 97 degrees. now inland spots, you've been warmer eight different days. today was only day no. 9. we've got that rainfall deficit to talk about as well. we are running at 11% of average rainfall, adding to that fire danger. temperatures will stay pretty warm this evening and overnight tonight. but after tomorrow, there is a significant weather change. we're going to other direction.
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prosecutors say gisele esteban killed leigh out of jealousy for a boyfriend. a judge has suspended court proceedings for the man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in oakland. 43-year-old one goh's lawyer is questioning his mental capacity to stand trial. the judge ordered two psychiatrists to examine goh and report their findings in court next month. goh is accused of killing seven people at oikos university in april. an albany middle schoolteacher who had been accused of lewd acts with a former student has died. james izumizaki was a popular sixth grade teacher. he was arrested last wednesday after police received a complaint and posted bail. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death as a suicide. most of us know a water
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reservoir that supplies the bay area with clean water and energy. but what would it take to retore it to what it ones was? measure f is what it's called. cbs 5's grace lee tells us it's just a first step in what could be a long political road. >> reporter: voters are considering if they want to take a closer look at our energy and water alternatives if we were to drain hetch hetchy. it would be one of the most emotional issues on the ballot this november. water has buried the hetch hetchy valley since the early 1920's. it supplies san francisco with 85% of its drinking water. now there is a movement to drain the reservoir and restore it to look like its twin, yosemite valley, complete with green meadows, birds, an entire
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ecosystem restored. it sounds crazy this idea of draining something that's been around since the early 20's. do you think that's possible? >> totally doable. >> reporter: he believes that after just one or two years, we could restore the grassland. within 50 years, a new forested canopy would emerge. >> once the political process is complete, the restoration process is very straight forward and very exciting to many people. and the value you get out of that, you can't even compare it to the cost of that. it is priceless. >> reporter: but it is political, because the issue is about to go in front of san francisco voters. >> measure f is all about the hetch hetchy reservoir. what it does not authorize is the draining of it itself. what it does do, it allows the city to commission an $8 million study to say, if we drain this, can we restore the area and find other ways to bring in power and water to the city? shorters like mike marshall say
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it's time to modernize our water system. >> this is one of nine storage facilities where we store our water. down below here, the river still flows and it will continue to flow once we restore the hetch hetchy valley. >> reporter: politically it's like touching the third rail. >> it is universal. there is not a single elected official in northern california that i'm aware of who is supporting prop f. >> you've been saying this measure f, it's insane, stupid. do you still stand by that today? >> oh, absolutely. when anybody rational looks at it, there is no answer to the cleanest water that this whole state if not the country has with our hetch hetchy water. >> reporter: and while only san francisco residents will vote on this study, it has much broader implications. there are 30 municipalities in the bay area that use water from hetch hetchy, including
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cities in san mateo and alameda counties. if we were to replace hetch hetchy reservoir, the cost would range anywhere from $3 to $10 billion. and that would translate into an increase anywhere from 590 to 1720 a year. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. the city of oakland and the oakland coliseum are both apologizing for a late-night rave event over the weekend. multiple police departments were flooded with complaints. phil? >> reporter: that's right. some of those politicians' ears are still burning. the party that was on this weekend in this sight behind me. here's the story. it was billed as beyond
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wonderland. it not only attracted thousands of ravers but also thousands of complaints. it rattled windows as far as away as san lorenzo, seven and a half miles away. this alameda street is four and a half miles from the coliseum but on the night of the rave, it was anything but quiet. >> just constant thumping with all the windows rattling. >> reporter: by coincidence, one of the people who live on this street is the alameda county supervisor, who got an extra earful. >> it was extremely loud from 6 to 2 a.m. i actually started getting calls at my house at 1 a.m. >> what were they saying? >> they said, if we're gonna stay awake, you're gonna stay awake. >> reporter: and she wasn't alone. >> the call center blew up. >> reporter: today the tent centers were coming down, leaving only red-faced officials to answer questions on everyone's mind.
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>> what were they thinking? >> well, it's a new venue. i don't know what they were thinking. but obviously it worked. >> reporter: no, it didn't. here's the idea. in return for turning the music off at midnight -- actually stopping serving booze here, the city decided to let the promoters keep the music going till 10:00 so the crowd could slowly dissipate. it may have been safe for the crowd, but for residents around here, it was anything but that, and that's why we're getting apologies plus a promise to look at any future events, that led to this rave. in oakland, phil matier, cbs 5 news. well, then there's the bay area's true relic of a stadium. both beloved and despised, depending on your threshold for cold, windy weather. what happens to candlestick park once the 49ers move to
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santa clara? we are quickly nearing the end of the stick. >> reporter: it's among the nation's worst stadiums with one of the best names. candlestick park just kind of rolls off the tongue with a little bit less force than the winds, which rolled off the bay and made life miserable for a couple of generations of baseball and football fans the past 40 years. >> a rocket into right field! >> reporter: in 2015, the niners will not be welcoming you here but in their new stadium set to open in santa clara. if you show up here, you'll have a hard time finding a football game. its time is up. >> what's going to happen then? >> turn it into a park, the national park. >> i think we ought to use candlestick park for a homeless shelter. >> reporter: yeah, that's not gonna happen. not with a bomb. but it is coming down.
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they just haven't decided how. could something like this be coming up? there are plans and then there are plans. the developer is the lenar corporation which had great plans to build a new stadium here but the niners sacked those before it gained any traction. the most ambitious includes plans for a 10,000-seat arena. less ambitious would be a mix of homes, retail and soccer fields, just don't go there between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m. mike sugerman, cbs 5. have you been carrying your luggage to the airplane just to avoid the baggage check fee? the airline that will now make you pay big-time for trying to cheat the system. >> i would try ice. i would try antiinflammatories. i would try heat. >> you will try anything to relieve migraine headache pain. how one bay area doctor is having some success with surgery.
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in russia. and yet here we find prime minister demitri medvedev receiving facebook rk zuckerberg. the it looks like an official state visit in russia. and yet here we find the prime minister receiving facebook's mark zuckerberg. they discussed copyright protections. they are also trying to boost facebook's frens in washington and getting a new friend there. first it was their operating system and then their less than stellar maps. now in consumer watch, apple is apologying again. >> reporter: yes. this time it's a data-sucking glitch. a lot of customers are upset. a costly problem, since most iphone 5 customers have had to give up their old unlimited
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data plans. the many verizon customers noticed the iphone 5 was using up that precious cellar data, pushing them over their monthly limitings. apple has released a software update to fix it and they say they won't charge for any overages. apple has not yet commented on how widespread the issue might be. and get ready to fork over more money if you want to carry your bag on board. beginning next month, spirit airlines will charge as much as $100 per bag. hold on. the standard carry-on fee will increase to $25 if you pay before you check in. but spirit says so many customers are waiting until they reach the gate to decide to pay for their bag that they will now charge $100 for all those last-minute carry ons. speaking of bag fees, san francisco shoppers are facing a new one. >> i was a little annoyed. a little inconvenient. >> it's day one of the city's
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new shopping bag ban. it is 10 cents per bag. walgreens is putting up signs advertising the change. it's intended to cut down on the amount of waste. citibank is giving away 10,000 free reusable bags. and san francisco is planning a series of bag giveaways. and finally, an update tonight on that peanut butter recall. it's expanded to include over 100 different products that contain peanut butter. for a full list, head to w watch. >> you know, the bag thing... >> i just feel like a bag lady. got them in my car. i've got them all through my kitchen. >> and it gets costly. >> i get it. i just keep collecting them. more than 30 million
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americans suffer from migraine headaches. and for about a third of them, standard treatment doesn't really help. but now, one bay area doctor is offering a new approach. cbs 5 reporter dr. kim mulvihill on why his patients swear by it. >> reporter: andrea loves to spend time with her kids, on this day reading all about the wild things. >> i wouldn't do that to you. >> reporter: but for years, it was no laughing matter. andrea battled a beast not found in any child's book, intensely painful chronic headaches. >> like i was hit with a baseball bat in the back of the head. >> reporter: so debilitating, she struggled to get through the day. >> i would try ice. i would try antiinflammatories. i would try heat. >> reporter: andrea also tried prescription painkillers with unpleasant side affects. she consulted more than a dozen
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specialists. but it took a plastic surgeon to give her the relief she craved. >> i can't remember the last time i took tylenol. i hardly ever have any pain. >> reporter: he performs a new surgical procedure on patients with chronic headaches. >> these people are really pretty miserable. their quality of life has been diminished significantly, even though many of them have no other medical problems of any kind. >> reporter: he says that in some individuals, their headaches, even what they think are migraines, are actually caused by a pinched nerve in the head or neck. >> it's possible to unpinch that nerve and provide them relief like we do in many of the carpal tunnel patients that we see. >> reporter: in the surgery, an incision is made by the nerves that's trapped by a piece of muscle or soft tissue. the surgeon removes a thumbnail sized piece of the muscle. that releases the nerve, relieving the pressure and pain. >> the operations are performed on an outpatient basis. >> reporter: in a study, 80% of patients experienced a 50%
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improvement in the severity of their headaches five years after they had the surgery. >> almost one out of three -- the exact number was 29% -- are completely headache free. >> reporter: but this procedure is not for everyone. experts say you should first see a neurologist and try more conservative treatment. if that fails, consider surgery like this. andrea now believes her pinched nerve was the result of a childhood gymnastics injury. >> i'm in heaven. it is a state of the art home for american veterans. and it's empty. why the building sits unused while you pay for it. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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,,,, appeal award two years in a row. of the hottest temperaturesf
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a little taste of summer at the dawn of october. the bay area is roasting in some of the hottest temperatures of the year. even san francisco topped 90 degrees. cbs 5 reporter, on this late- season sizzle. >> reporter: it did get really, really hot. this is a great place for people to bring their kids. they can watch the planes coming in. but a lot of cement out here, so it gets really hot. simply put, people are tired of this hot weather. look around. all the signs of fall. campaign signs remind us the november election is right around the corner. the leaves are starting to change color. and retailers are trying to lure us in to buy sweaters and jackets. but it's triple digits in some parts of the bay area. >> pretty much as soon as i got outside, i started sweating immediately. >> reporter: the calendar says october but it doesn't feel like it. >> it is going into october. i was hoping for a little bit more stormy weather going on. >> reporter: and these guys had
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to work in it, on top of the hot temperatures, a spare the air day, meaning they couldn't use their power equipment. >> it's october. it should be cooler. it's crazy. >> reporter: they, like so many of us, have mentally moved on. everywhere you look, we're reminded it's autumn and halloween is this month. people had that mind-set in the concord spirit store. >> i like the in-between days. i don't like the cold and i don't like when it's really hot. >> reporter: everyone wants it just right. kim had quite the morning, trying to convince the kids not to wear jeans. >> i'm like, wear shorts, stand dales today? they were like, huh-uh, it's not gonna be that hot. >> reporter: as with anything, it's really how you look at it. this is one more day to soak up the sun because before we know it, the temperatures will catch up to the calendar. >> my kids will be stuck in the house when it's really cold, so
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i guess i'll look back and miss it a little. >> reporter: so seize the sunshine and remember, our weather is the reason so many people lived here. >> i live in idaho during the fall and it's wonderful coming back here. it's not super cold. i hate the cold. so i like it that it's really warm. it's california. it's supposed to be warm in october. >> reporter: but as they say, there can be too much of a good thing. however, if you do like this hot weather, keep this in mind, only 262 days until summer begins. >> i'm guessing since paul moved here from seattle, he's not hating this. no! we were sweating. we were sweating but smiling as well. yeah. let's embrace it, because we know winter will be chillier, but october 1, the warmest day of the year. the answer is yes. here's a live look outside. that marine layer is completely and utterly nonexistence. beautiful view here of the bay bridge. i dialed up some more high temps for you. walnut creek almost got there,
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99. palo alto, you hit 95. even at golden gate park, 84 degrees. sausalito hit 83 and half moon bay hit 74. the warmest day of the year for many of you. here's the nice thing. it's october. oakland down to 59. mountain view, 64. and pacifica, down to 59 degrees. spare the air. we do not have a spare the air day tomorrow. we'll have moderate air quality for the santa clara valley but we need the unhealthy air quality to have a spare the air day. so the first time in four days that we will not have a spare the air day. what we will have is another warm day, because high pressure still is to our north. right in between, we still have that offshore wind. one more hot day tomorrow, just a couple degrees cooler. look what happens on wednesday, low pressure, all it does is move closer to us. but that counterclockwise flow, ten dress cooler on wednesday,
6:26 pm
ten more degrees cooler on thursday. if you like the heat, enjoy it tomorrow. we're done after that. livermore, 100. and san jose tomorrow, 92. concord, 97. napa, 93. san rafael, 92. significant cooling on wednesday. 90 inland, mid 70's near the bay. thursday it will be a much different weekend, next weekend, compared to what we just went through. highs much cooler over the next several days. >> thanks so much, paul. it has long been an immigration flash point. now it's the law. how many undocumented workers will be allowed to get a california driver's license, and which illegal immigrants are not eligible? >> it doesn't make any sense. it's totally unfair. >> californians paid a fortune for this brand-new veterans home that sits empty. why the state won't let anyone
6:27 pm
move in while you cover the cost. >> that was really uncalled for, senator. >> if you were watching, it looked like a classic off-the- cuff ringer, but it wasn't. the real story behind that brutal debate moment as we get ready for the obama-romney round 1.
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burner. governor brown an historic new law is putting illegal immigration back on the front burner. governor jerry brown signed a law allowing young people brought into this country as children to get driver's license. but our cbs 5 reporter tells us there is a catch. len? >> reporter: dana, backers of this bill have been saying for years that it would make california roads a lot safer because suddenly hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom may already be driving without licenses, would be able to drive legally and get insurance. getting a driver's license is part of the road map to success in california. >> you can't get around here without having a license. >> reporter: and that's the reason behind a bill that governor brown just signed into law. it will allow about 350,000 young illegal immigrants who came across the border as
6:31 pm
children to obtain a california driver's license for the first time. >> it clarifies a lot of fear in the community. >> reporter: something immigrants rights groups have been fighting for for years. >> it solidifies the fact that you're going to have these students who are not only be able to work but also to get a driver's license. >> reporter: earlier this year, long lines formed in cities across america as young illegal immigrants signed up for the right to work legally under a new obama administration policy called deferred action for childhood arrivals. the california law builds on that policy and will now allow the department of motor vehicles to issue licenses to illegal immigrants as long as they meet certain criteria. they have to have crossed the border before they were 16, have been in the u.s. continuously for the past five years, be under 30 years of age and enrolled in school or a certified training program. >> the requirements, i have to take... >> i think it's okay just because it wasn't their choice
6:32 pm
when they were brought into the country. so it's only fair for them to be able to get a driver's license. >> reporter: while some argue that california should leave immigration issues to the federal government, the law drew bipartisan support even among those opposed to illegal immigration. >> i think we should encourage people to come over here legally but we also have a lot of illegal people doing work for us. and i think punishing people for something that happened when they were a kid is improper. >> reporter: now, although governor brown signed this bill, he also vetoed two other bills that were aimed at illegal immigration. one of them being the trust act which would have limited california law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement officials. and also, a domestic worker program. it's a story that makes you wonder, just what are they thinking? the state of california has
6:33 pm
this beautiful, brand-new home for military veterans. but the state is not letting anybody move on. and taxpayers, you're footing the bill to keep it running while it sits empty. what's going on? we follow the money. >> i was in major battles fought in korea. >> reporter: he knows he's one of the lucky ones. he has his military honors, a family and a home. but he knows many other veterans don't have any one to take care of them. so charlie went on a mission, to give them a place to call home too. >> first of all, we wanted a livable area, not like a warehouse. >> reporter: for the last ten years he's worked with city planners to design the perfect place. thanks to state bond money and a federal grant, his vision is now a reality, a brand-new veterans home in fresno, if first in the central valley -- the first in the central valley. we got a tour. >> we have a barber shop and a general store.
6:34 pm
we have a clinic also. and a kitchen. >> reporter: a virtual village of 240,000 square feet with 300 single rooms, private bathrooms, and a landscaped outdoor space, just like waters dreamed of. >> we even have a little putting area, little areas where you can go out and sit on benches around trees. that's my no. 1 medal, a purple heart. >> reporter: a decorated world war ii veteran, for him, it's a dream come true. >> i'm reaching 90 and who knows what's going to happen in the near future. >> reporter: he signed up to move into the new facility. but right now, he can't, even though there's plenty of room. in fact, you'll notice no one is living here at all. >> we have to look at the budget reality. >> reporter: tremblai is with
6:35 pm
the department of veterans affairs. >> the governor was looking at a deficit. every department in the state of california took a cut. >> reporter: he says that's why the fresno home and another facility in redding will have to stay empty for another year. >> if everything goes as planned, and we get all the hiring done, we're looking at probably in the fall of 2013. >> reporter: yet governor jerry brown did set aside 4.2 million in his budget to keep the two empty homes running. >> there will be the ongoing maintenance, electricity bills and staff. >> reporter: right now he estimates the tab for keeping the homes clean, lit and air conditioned is running at about 280,000 a month. >> why can't they put some furnishings in there so the veterans can go in there and live in there the way they should be? >> it doesn't make any sense. if they were not going to open it, why did they allow your money and my money, our
6:36 pm
taxpayer money, to go into building a facility of that nature and just have it sit there? the department of veterans affairs is doing the best they can with what it's got, he says. >> if somebody is in crisis and needs care right now, we will work with them to get them into one of the homes we have in the state of california. we have 600 homes that are operational in taking in residents. >> reporter: but they're in southern california. >> we have a home here that's all finished, all complete. we don't want our families to travel all the way to southern california to see us. >> it's just totally unfair. >> to make matters worse, once that fresno home opens next fall, the state says it will only accept about eight veterans a month. at that rate, the home won't be full for at least another three years. a pungent stench has infiltrated marin county. they say they can't take the
6:37 pm
noxious fumes emanating from a nearby lagoon. the city has been forced to take action. >> reporter: this marin neighborhood looks nice. but resident jackie says the place stinks. literally. >> the smell is disgusting. >> reporter: disgusting because the lagoon she lives next to is rotting. dead plants and debris. one of the few living things left are seagulls, who thankfully are eating the dead fish. >> the whole house stinks no matter what. >> reporter: the smell has attracted the attention of the bay area air quality management district. >> we had an air quality inspector go out and investigate and we found there is truly a bad odor there. so we filed a public nuisance violation against the property owner. >> reporter: the rockport land company didn't respond today but neighbors say the problem started when this large pipe became clogged with mud, preventing tidal action from flushing the lagoon.
6:38 pm
the homeowners believe the city should clean it out but the city says they don't own the land. >> i'm a simple man. i think that if the city, for 20 years, regulated the flow of water into this lagoon, they put that structure on top of the intake, if you broke it, you own it. >> reporter: this box is what they believe caused the pipe to clog. the homeowners association plans to attend tonight's city council meeting to let them know they are sick and tired of the smell and stench. mean while, mr. fox and his owner jackie just try to stay up wind. >> it's been going on for months. >> reporter: in san rafael, cbs 5. even if you don't care for politics, you can't deny the drama. >> i think it's time america started moving again. >> the things senator kennedy has said, many of us can agree
6:39 pm
with. the debate includes a presidential turning point. we have the story behind one such moment. and then there's the contest of far greater importance. the fight against two bay area teams. coming up. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. "senator, i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kenned. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jak kennedy." that stinging line from texs there is no solve yet domination of eastern europe and there never will be under a ford administration. >> i am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> senator, i served jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy.
6:42 pm
>> that last one, the line from texas senator lloyd benson, truth is, it was slightly rehearsed. when a campaign aide told him dan quayle often quoted kennedy, he added that he didn't think dan quayle would dare make the comparison in the debate, to which the campaign aide said, if he does, there's your answer. a new chapter in debate history is going to be written on wednesday night. >> both candidates spent the weekend preparing, both sides doing everything they can to manipulate expectations before the two men hit the stage. and that includes the president himself. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who is going to have the best zinger, who is going to put the most points on the board. governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> paul ryan says he doesn't think that one event will make
6:43 pm
or break their campaign. the debate will be held at the university of denver where the candidates will focus on domestic policy. meteorologist paul deanno, we could just stare at this picture all day long, the beautiful sunset on the hottest day of 2012 in san francisco. wait until you see what the forecast is for next monday. stick around. i'll show it to you. and champagne on ice at the oakland coliseum. just don't pop the cork quite yet. a series between the a's and rangers, coming up. ,, dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter.
6:44 pm
brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
richmond's washington elemey school six today, the first of many trees were planted at richmond's washington elementary school, part of a six-year pledge to promote healthy eating. they plan to create orchards by planting ten to 75 fruit trees in every public school in the district. >> they have an opportunity to maintain the trees and to watch them grow and then to harvest the fruit, to really enjoy the delicious fruit that they had a
6:47 pm
hand in bringing forth. >> various types of fruit trees will be planted at the school, including apple, peach, plum and lemon. >> plant them today. in the next few days, better water them real good. soak 'em. >> they're going to need it. >> hottest day of the year, san francisco and oakland, santa rosa, 101. this was toasty stuff. what a treat you're in for. get out in the next couple of minutes. the sunset, officially 6:52. and you are going to have the gorgeous colors of the sunset because we are completely free of that marine layer. beautiful shot here. look at these current temperatures outside. it is warm. 88 in oakland. concord, 95. san jose, 88. livermore, 98. santa rosa, 93. how hot did we get today? warmest day of the year. oakland, 91. also, the warmest day of the year. second warmest day of the year
6:48 pm
in san jose. you hit 94. concord at 97. all inland locations, only the ninth warmest day of the year. satellite radar shows you almost a complete absence of that marine layer, just a few clouds several miles offshore. the coast, you enjoyed 70's and 80's today. you likely will again tomorrow. this is the pattern that got us so warm. high pressure to our north. clockwise flow around it. low pressure -- this is key -- enhanced that east wind. so one more hot day tomorrow. and if this pattern holds on for about 24 more hours, then after that, the whole system moves to the north. critical for us because that same kind of clock-wise flow now gives us an on shore flow. an an shore flow is cooler. the temperatures are going to drop down like a rom after tomorrow. a fire danger remains high for
6:49 pm
24 more hours. after that, significant cooling. and when i mean significant, i mean significant. let's get through the highs tomorrow. san jose, 92. about a dozen degrees above normal. and oakland, 83. santa clara valley,94. pleasant hill, 98. walnut creek, pleasant, 98. napa, 93. petaluma for your tuesday, 89. santa rosa, 93. not as hot as today but still warm. downtown san francisco, 76. by thursday, we will struggle to make it to the 80's inland and barely 70 degrees near the bay and the coast. you're just going to be chilly. look at next monday. one week removed from the hottest day of the year, there's a chance of a few rain showers and we will stay in the 60's near the bay. dennis is live from oakland. sports is next.
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,, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding.
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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oakland coliseum with what d be a big night for the a's. dennis o'donnell live at the oakland coliseum with what could be a big night for the a's. >> reporter: you got it. it is getting pretty loud out here. for months we've been talking about the a's chances to win the american league wildcard. i tell you what, they beat
6:53 pm
texas tonight -- if they beat texas, they win that wildcard. but they want the whole enchilada. on top, it's a three-game lead over the angels in the wildcard. on the bottom is the rangers two-game lead over oakland in the american league west. the a's would have to sweep texas in order to win it. manager melvin was asked yesterday about his score-board watching habits. >> that doubleheader, just for preparation toward the next few days or... >> probably not. i know those teams. who won the ryder cup? that's what i was watching earlier. did we win the ryder cup? >> no. >> come on! >> reporter: that is one awfully relaxed the manager as the europeans won the ryder cup. it has been a storied season for these oakland athletics, especially for the third baseman. >> i could probably do the same
6:54 pm
thing a million times. it would probably never happen again. >> this is the last time we saw scott sizemore. a freak acl injury thrust josh donaldson into josh's starting lineup. >> i got this in first grade. it was called the dream of a major league baseball player, one of those customized book things. now i can actually say i have been a major league baseball player. the goal now is just to say. >> and that baby is good! >> reporter: when donaldson struggled with a .153 batting average, the a's traded for brandon, and the dream of a major league baseball player was on hold. and then he went down with a shoulder injury and donaldson came back from the minor leagues. since his return, he's batting
6:55 pm
.290. >> he's been huge for us. >> reporter: alongside is josh donaldson. josh, when we spoke in spring training about that, the dream of a major league baseball player, could you ever have envisioned what transpired for your season? >> you know, it's definitely been a roller coaster for sure. and, you know, obviously as a little boy i've had this dream. right now it's starting to come true. >> when you take the field tonight, you guys are in a position, if you win this baseball game, you go to the play-offs. not many people expected that to happen. so how much more meaningful is it? >> you know, we expected it. i think that's what matters. we expected to be in this position. we let everybody else talk about our team and, you know, really coming down to the wire, still nobody expected us to be here. we expected to be here. we feel like we have enough guys here to contribute and win a lot of games and we have. >> when you came out of spring strange because of the injury to sizemore, you batted .153.
6:56 pm
didn't work out for you. but you've been so instrumental, in playing third base. what was the difference the second time around for you? >> the ability just to relax in the field and at the plate. couple of adjustments when i nt down to sacramento. i feel like i cleaned a couple of things up withmy approach. and, you know, i've been pretty successful since i've come back. >> one more chapter out of that book. i guess every jor leaguer dreams of a champagne celebration. have you had one yet? >> i haven't had one here. i've had a few in the minor leagues but this will be a first to me and we're looking forward to it. hopefully continue with the process of taking one game at a time and hopefully get a w tonight. >> i hope there's some cold stuff going on tonight. josh, congratulations and good luck tonight. >> i appreciate it. thanks for having me. >> reporter: the dominating shutout win against the 49ers yesterday in new york.
6:57 pm
>> a great job by our players inthis game. you know, that's -- you know, more like it, as they were saying in the locker room. >> what did they mean by that? >> that's what they said. that's what they said. >> i understand they said that. do you know what it meant? >> that's more like it. >> more like it than what? >> that's more like it! pleased with themselves. a job well done. that's the way i took it. >> reporter: okay. anthony, pan down. i normally wear a suit. allen and dana, this is my champagne garb. i am in attack mode for a champagne celebration tonight! >> all right. we're coming back at 10 and 11. see you then! [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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